We would like to present to you the HiKo brand. Hiko foods is the importer and wholesale distributor of European and specialty foods. Our main brand is HiKo, made and created in Poland with passion and love. We are importing only the best quality, natural, Non-GMO products from Europe.

HiKo includes specialty products like pickled or cultured vegetables, and nectars. Those products are made in Poland, in Central Europe. HiKo nectars and vegetables are non-GMO, made with all natural ingredients, without any preservatives. We strongly believe that, in these days, customers strive for the best quality, natural and healthy non-GMO products for themselves and for their loved ones. Our manufacturers in Poland are exclusively specializing in the production of natural, non-GMO, products.

Three of the unique products that we are proud of are the beetroot juice, cultured cucumbers and cabbage. The products of this kind are not easily found in the nowadays marketplace. These are cultured utilizing the best homemade recipes passed from one generation to another.

We understood that the label on our products has to have a unique look that would appear appealing to our customer's eye. We have chosen smiling happy vegetables and fruits on all of our labels. We believe that customers are more likely to buy our products upon seeing a positive expression on the label - thus will associate our products with positivity. In order to be easily recognized by our European and Hispanic customers, our vegetables' labels have translation from English to Polish, German and Ukrainian languages. Our nectars' labels have translation from English to Polish and Spanish languages.

We are open to working with distributors and supermarkets to promote our HiKo products in an entire marketplace.


HiKo products are created with passion and love - we really mean it! There is a love story built into the product name itself. It all started on the Sarasota Siesta Key beach in Florida