Welcome to HiKo Foods!

On the happy side of life!

HiKo Foods specializes in European and Specialty Foods.

Our brand HiKo is made and created in Poland, Europe, with passion and love.

We strongly believe customers strive for the best quality products for themselves and their loved ones.

At HiKo Foods, we love to share our passion for quality, natural, vegan, non-GMO, without high fructose corn syrup products. We focus only on high-quality ingredients.

HiKo products are created with passion and love - we mean it! There is a love story built into the product name itself. It all started on the beach in Florida while we were on vacation. We asked someone to take a picture of us with the sun setting behind us. When we looked at the picture, we realized that in the corner, birds were flying. At the exact second of taking this picture, their wings aligned together to form a heart shape.

The heart above our brand name is taken from that picture and represents the care and passion we have for the product we created. This picture can be found on our Instagram page.

Our brand name itself is a combination of the Polish and English language and a representation of our love. Often we greet each other with saying Hi Ko, which comes from Hi "kochanie," "Kochanie" (pronounced: co-ha-nye) in Polish, means "darling." We took the first syllable of "Kochanie" and the greeting Hi to put together our brand name HiKo ❤️.

We hope you enjoy our products. Please visit our Instagram page for many recipes ideas.

HiKo Foods Team!